Sodium sulfite

Welcome to the SIEF webpage for sodium sulfite (EINECS No. 231-821-4)

Synonyms: Sulfurous acid, disodium salt; Disodium sulfite

  • Lead Registrant:   ESSECO s.r.I.
  • SIEF Facilitator:   SDIOC on behalf of the Lead Registrant.
  • Pre-registrants can participate in the SIEF at different activity levels: very active, involved, passive, and dormant.
  • The SDIOC is preparing the registration dossier, i.e. the IUCLID file, in cooperation with the SIEF. The Lead Registrant will submit the REACH Registration Dossier. All other co-registrants will refer to it when submitting their registration.

SIEF Time table:

  • January – February 2010: 
    • All pre-registrants for sodium sulfite were invited to participate in the Substance Sameness Survey.
  • March 2010:
    • The SIEF was formed.
    • Respondents that participated in the Sameness Survey are considered to be Active Members of the SIEF. The Secretariat of the SDIOC will work with Active Members within each SIEF.
    • The Lead Registrant was elected within the survey campaign
      • Registered LR for sodium sulfite is ESSECO s.r.I

Substance Sameness Survey Results (status March 2010)
REACH-IT Pre-Registrants 411
Respondents to Substance Sameness Survey at April, 2010 33
Pre-registrants whose substance is not sufficiently similar to join the SIEF 0
Intended level of SIEF activity:
Very active 3
Involved 3
Passive 16
Dormant 12
Current number of potential registrants 22
Pre-registrants with studies to offer for sharing to the SIEF 1
Pre-registrants with exposure data to offer for sharing to the SIEF 1

  • April 2010
    • SIEF members that offer data for sharing were contacted
  • July 2010:
    • The results of the substance sameness survey were sent to all pre-registrants.
    • A SIEF member letter was sent to all participants of the Substance Sameness Survey.
  • Be part of the project:

The Secretariat of the SDIOC will work with Active Members within each SIEF. If you would like to become an Active Member, please E-mail the SIEF Facilitator. Pre-registrants that have not yet participated in the Sameness Survey for sodium sulfite, can access the survey here.

The SDIOC is acting as SIEF facilitator for SDIOC member pre-registrants who indicated their willingness at Pre-Registration to conduct this activity for the substances listed on this page.

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