Welcome to the SDIOC

All organisations and individuals involved in the sulfur dioxide based chemicals business, which have a current or future interest in the European market, are invited to join the SDIOC. The Sulfur Dioxide based Chemicals REACH Consortium is a voluntary industry platform with the intention to achieve REACH registration for the companies that join it.

REACH affects:

  • All EU manufacturers and importers into the EU of chemical substances on their own or in preparations
  • Importers of articles containing substances of very high concern, or articles containing a substance that is intended to be released

where the relevant substance is involved at a quantity of ≥1 mt per registrant per annum.

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This web site contains guidance and information explaining the REACH obligations and how to fulfil them. The REACH Regulation is the only authentic legal reference and all users are reminded the information published on this website does not justify any legal advice. SDIOC and the Consortium REACH Manager/secretariat do not accept any liability concerning the content or use of information published on this website. Full disclaimer